Franzis: GEOlino - adventure electronics

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Franzis: GEOlino - adventure electronics

In this experiment kit, children will find lots of exciting ideas about electronics, which they can easily recreate in just a few steps. Tinker a spaceship with LED lighting? A solar-powered speedboat? Or a robot mask with glowing eyes? None of this is a problem with Abenteuer Elektronik, because the most exciting ideas for electronic gadgets can be found here. 16 exciting electronics projects are explained step by step on 46 pages. All the electronic parts you need are included in the book, the rest is household goods.

Box Contents: LED Cable, Jumbo LEDs, Battery Clip, Solar Panel, Switch, Jumper Wire, Compression Clamp, Propeller, Solar Motor, Piezo Speaker, Rainbow LED, 46-Page Manual.

Also required: 9-volt block battery.

Age: 8+
Marke Geolino
Nom de l'article Abenteuer Elektronik
Particularité Viele verschiedene Projekte
Application Elektronik entdecken
Désignation du fabricant GEOlino
Sommaire 1.00
Contenu Unité de mesure Stück

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