Metal Earth: Harry Potter Quidditch Pitch

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Metal Earth: Harry Potter Quidditch Pitch

Metal Earth - from sheet steel to an amazing 3D metal construction kit - simply press out the laser-cut components from the metal card (11 x 11 cm) and assemble them without any glue.

Each model shows amazing attention to detail. Including easy-to-understand assembly instructions. Tweezers and needle-nose pliers make it easier to assemble the models. For young and adult inventors - no children's toys. Age: 14+

From the fantasy novel and film series "Harry Potter" more than 450 million books were sold up to 2015, of which over 30 million copies were in German. Every fourth German aged 14 and over has read at least one Harry Potter book. An eight-part film was made parallel to the books, which is the most commercially successful film series to date, with total box office earnings of 7.7 billion US dollars. Quidditch is a fictional sport in the Harry Potter book series. It's a dangerous but popular sport played by witches and wizards on flying broomsticks on a large oval playing field with three ring-shaped goals.

Contents: 3 metal plates (11 x 11 cm)

Number of parts: 83

Model size: 14.2 x 7.7 x 3.7 cm

Difficulty (1=easy, 10=difficult): 6
Marke Metal Earth
Nom de l'article 3D-Bausatz Quidditsch Feld
Material Stahl
Farbe farbig
Forme HARRY POTTER Quidditsch Feld
Propriété Kino, TV, Serien
Désignation du fabricant Harry Potter Quidditsch Pitch
Contenu 83.00
Contenu Unité de mesure Teile
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 142.00
Unité de mesure Longueur mm
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 37.00
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 77.00

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